FIG Commission 2

Report to 63rd PC Meeting in Buenos Aires, April 1996


The year 1995 was dominated by further development of the working group projects; and the effort made to promote the aim and objectives of Commission 2 at a number of international seminars.

1. Working Groups
WG 2A, Continuing Professional Development, Chair: Dr. Tom Kennie, UK.
A publication on "CPD and its future promotion within FIG" was prepared for presentation and discussion at the break-out sessions during the PC meeting in Buenos Aires. The publication will then be reviewed and presented for adoption at the PC meeting in Singapore, May 1997. The processes outlined in this publication, together with the case studies of CPD in practice, will provide the starting point for Member Associations and individual surveyors to review and potentially enhance their existing approach to continuing professional development.

WG 2B, Management Skills, Chair: Dr. Chris Hoogsteden, NZ.
The working group prepared an interim report entitled "Beyond the Black Box - Acquiring Management Skills in Surveying". This paper will be presented and discussed at the Commission 2 symposium during the PC meeting in Buenos Aires. A final report will be prepared for presentation at Congress in Brighton 1998.

WG 2C, Exchange of Personnel and Students, Chair: Mr. Bo Nyberg, S.
The working group prepared a questionnaire and completed a survey regarding exchange of surveying personnel and students. The results was very encouraging for further development of guidelines to facilitate international exchange especially as a means of CPD. A draft for such guidelines will be prepared for discussion at the PC meeting in Singapore 1997.

WG 2D, Quality Assurance, Chair: Prof. Peter Morgan, UK.
The working group prepared an initial report entitled "Quality Framework as a Basis for Diagnosis and Enhancement in Higher Education Institutions" to be presented at the Commission 2 symposium during the PC meeting in Buenos Aires. A draft for a FIG policy statement on Quality Assurance in Surveying Education will be prepared for discussion at the PC meeting in Singapore 1997.

WG 2E, Computer Assisted Learning, Chair: Prof. Kirsi Artimo, SF.
The working group prepared a questionnaire and completed a survey on CAL in the field of surveying. The results and the further development will be discussed at the Commission 2 workshop to be held in Helsinki, September 1996.

2. Database on Surveying Education
The effort of obtaining an independent listing for surveying programmes within the UNESCO International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) was promoted by a visit to UNESCO headquarters in October 1996. The issue is further presented in the FIG Bulletin, January 1996.
The effort of merging the FIG database and the CASLE database of surveying institutions is ongoing and the result is intended to be available on Internet during the year 1996.

3. Support of Developing Countries
Commission chairman has supported the effort of the Fiji Institution of Surveyors to establish a four-year surveying programme for the South Pacific island-countries. A workshop is agreed to be held in Suva, Fiji for developing the political consensus. The programme for this workshop is agreed and the key issue of funding the workshop is developed through organisations such as FAO and the Commonwealth Foundation. Development of an educational network in the African region is ongoing based on resolutions from the FIG/CASLE seminar held in Harare, August 1996.

4. Participation and Collaboration
Commission chairman and officers participated in a number of international seminars and presented papers to promote the Commission 2 profile and activities. These seminars were:

The XV North American Geomatics Teachers Conference, Quebec, Canada, 29-31 May 1995.

The meeting of the IUSM Working Group on Education, held during the IUGG XXI General Assembly in Boulder, Colorado, 2-14 July 1995.

The FIG/CASLE Seminar on Sustainable Development, Harare, Zimbabwe, 13-17 August 1996.

The International Symposium on Professional Practice, Education of Surveyors and New Technologies, held by the Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria, 15-16 November 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

5. Symposium in Buenos Aires 1996
Commission 2 will be responsible for the symposium "Professional Education - New Trends and Challenges", to be held during the 63rd PC Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 15-19 April 1996. Seven papers will be presented by commission officers, delegates and active members.

6. Forthcoming Events
Commission 2 will contribute to the Nordic Congress of Surveyors to be held in Bergen, Norway, 1-4 July 1996.

Commission 2 will organise a joint workshop on Computer Assisted Learning and Achieving Quality in the Education of Surveyors, to be held 4-6 September 1996, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. Call for papers was issued November 1995.

Commission 2 will contribute to a joint symposium organised by Commission 1 and 2, during the 64th PC meeting in Singapore, 11-14 May 1997.


January 1996

Stig Enemark
Chairman of FIG Commission 2

Last modified: November 1996