23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Auditor's Report, Income and Expenses Account for 1999 and Balance Sheet at 31 December 1999

The English version of the Auditor's report is enclosed to this appendix together with the Income and Expenses Account for 1999 and Balance Sheet at 31 December 1999. The full report and detailed notes on the accounts are available at the General Assembly. 

1. Auditor's Report 

We have audited the annual accounts of International Federation of Surveyors for 1999 presented by the management.

Basis of opinion

We have planned and conducted our audit in accordance with generally accepted audit standards to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the annual accounts are free of material misstatement. Based on an evaluation of materiality and risk our audit has included an examination of evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the annual accounts. We have assessed the accounting policies applied and the estimates made by the management as well as evaluated the overall annual accounts presentation.

Our audit has not given rise to qualifications.


In our opinion, the annual accounts have been presented in accordance with the accounting provisions of Danish legislation and - considering the accounting policies applied - give a true and fair view of the federation’s assets and liabilities, financial position and result.

Copenhagen, 13 March 2000

Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab

Allan Christiansen
State Authorised Public Accountant/statsautoriseret revisor

2. Accounting Policies Applied


The annual accounts have been presented in accordance with sound accounting principles for federations and in accordance with the accounting requirements of Danish legislation and the articles of federation.

The accounting policies applied are mainly as follows:

Income and expenses

Items of income or expenses are stated in the period they regard irrespective of time of payment.

Amounts owed by members

Amounts owed by members are stated at the estimated value.

Translation of amounts in the annual accounts/Omregning af beløb i årsregnskabet

The annual accounts are presented in CHF and in DKK. The rate of exchange ruling at the balance sheet date between DKK and CHF is 463.52.

All income, expenses and accounts in foreign currencies are translated into CHF and DKK using the rate of exchange ruling at the balance sheet date. Realised as well as unrealised profits and losses on exchange are included in the income and expenses account under the items in question in accordance with this practice.

3. Income and Expenses Account for 1999 / Resultatopgørelse for 1999

Income (Indtægter)
Subscriptions, member associations
(Kontigenter, medlemsforeninger)
     306,675 -       1,421,500
Subscriptions, affiliates
(Kontingernter, associerede medlemmer)
1,600 - 7,416
Subscriptions, sponsor members
38,250 - 177,296
Subscriptions, Academic members
(Kontingenter/akademiske medlemmer)
1,500 - 6,953
Sale of publications (Salg af publikationer) 742 - 3,439
Annual interest (Årlig rente) 42 - 195
Contribution (Bidrag) 1 51,526 - 238,833
Various (Diverse) 1,972 - 9,141
Total income (Indtægter i alt)
    402,307     354,586 1,864,773
Expenses (Udgifter)
Bureau administration (Administration, bureau) 2 67,899 - 314,730
Bureau meetings (Bestyrelsemøder) 3 50,199 - 232,682
FIG meetings (FIG-møder) 4 59,976 - 278,000
Support to member associations 
(Støtte til medlemsforeninger)
5 49,798 - 230,823
Commission activities (Komissionsaktiviteter) 6 43,840 - 203,208
Promotion (Promovering) 7 49,234 - 228,209
Establishing permanent office 
(Etablering af fast kontorsted)
8 21,827 - 101,170
Total expenses (Udgifter i alt)     342,773 347,625 1,588,822
Surplus for the year (Årets resultat)
  59,534 6,961 275,951


4. Balance Sheet at 31 December 1999 / Balance Pr. 31.12.1999

Assets / Aktiver



Amounts owed by members
(Tilgodehavender fra medlemmer)
            36,846 170,787
Other debtors (Andre tilgodehavender)      1,359 6,300
Prepayments and accrued income 
  9,212 42,700
Total debtors (Tilgodehavender i alt)    47,417 219,787
Cash at bank and in hand (Likvide beholdninger)    87,547 405,798
Total current assets  
(Omsætningsaktiver i alt)
  134,964 625,585
Total assets (Aktiver i alt)         134,964        625,585


Liabilities / Passiver



Subscriptions from previous years
(Kontingenter fra tidligere år)
        9   23,931 110,925
Retained surplus (Overført resultat)      59,534 275,951
Total capital and reserves 
(Egenkapital i alt)
  83,465 386,876
Other creditors (Anden gæld)   51,499 238,709
Total short term debt (Kortfristet gæld i alt)   51,499 238,709
Total debt (Gæld i alt)   51,499 238,709
Total liabilities (Passiver i alt)        134,964        625,585

FIG Office
20 March 2000

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