23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Membership Application

Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers

1. Name of association 
– in own language Česká společnost certifikovaných odhadců majetku
– in English (if different from above) Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers
2. Address Týnská 21
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
3. Telephone + 42 02 2480 8310
4. Fax + 42 02 2480 8310
5. E-mail address info@cscom.cz
6. Web site http://www.cscom.cz
7. Name of President Zbynĕk Smejkal
8. Administration
Is the above address the address of the permanent office of the association? If so, please state the name of the chief executive and the number of any other permanent staff members
Secretariat:  Alena Kašparová
9. Date of formation of association The Czech Association was established on 20.5.1998, as a successor to the Union of Professional Property Appraisers, which was founded on 6.1.1996 and ceased to exist on 10.5.1998. 
10. Objectives and ethics
There are four professional associations in the Czech Republic, amongst which the Czech Association of Certified Appraisers enjoys a dominant position on the appraisal market, because its members undertake approximately 70 % of all valuations.
The main clients that that our members work for include, most Czech banks, with whom they maintain long term relationships, courts and Government Bodies.
The main aim of the Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers is to achieve exclusivity on the appraisal market.
11. Routes of entry to membership
Membership can be acquired by
a) all appraisers certified according to EN 45013 by a Certifying Body in the Czech Republic
b) prerequisites are, a university or secondary school education, and work experience totaling 5 years for secondary school graduates and 3 years for university graduates.
The Certifying Body, in this case primarily the Bank Institute a.s. Prague, has absolutely clear regulations by which these are defined, that is, what qualification courses each applicant for certification must complete, and further they have precisely defined conditions for passing examinations and the receipt of certificates. 
12. Members As of 1.1.2000 the Czech Association had a total of 259 members (258 physical entities and 1 legal company), of these, 121 physical entities and 1 legal company have already received certification and it is expected that the remaining members will receive certification by the end of 2000.
No. of holders the title
– qualified 122
– qualifying 136
No. of technician or sub-professional members
– qualified 
– qualifying 
13. Specialisations
% of qualified members whose principal specialisation is
Members of the Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers are primarily concerned with the professional valuation of property, both real estate and movable assets. Therefore providing both expert opinion and valuation.
98 % of the members of the association are court experts in the valuation of real estate, and were named by the Ministry of Justice and presiding judges at Regional Courts for this purpose.
Further, the association works together with the Czech Union of Geodesists and Cartographers and the Chamber of Cartographers and Geodesists CZ, in the exchange of information.
The association is one of the 11 founding members of the co-ordinating body, NEOFORUM, whose ain is to prepare the Land Register for the Czech Republic's entry into the European Union.
Another of our activities is to prepare comments for the Parliament of the Czech Republic in relation to legislation dealing with the valuation of property. A whole range of our comments have been fully accepted by legislators in the past.
– hydrography
– positioning/measurement
– engineering surveys
– cadastre/land management
– spatial planning/development
– valuation/real estate management 100 %
– construction cost management
14. Statutory recognition
a) The Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a special interest association.
b) The Association is registered as a Trade Association with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic.
15. Employment Of our member, 46 physical entities and one legal company carry out this work as their main form of employment.
138 appraisers carry out this work in conjunction with real estate or other construction related activities, and the rest as secondary employment.
% of qualified members _____
– self-employed and 
employed in private practice
– teaching _____
– employed by government _____
– employed in the commercial 
or other sectors
16. Subscriptions
Please state the annual subscription payable by each grade of membership The annual membership fee is CZK 1,500 for physical entities and
CZK 3,000 for legal entities.
17. Services to members
The Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers has two service organisations on contract, who ensure the regularity of professional work carried out and who aim to improve the standard of appraiser's activities.
a) In the context of improving the professional expertise of members, the service organisation, A-Consult plus Pty. Ltd. provides:
  • individual consultation
  • group consultation in relation to specific problems on monthly basis
  • standardised software for the valuation of real estate, including up-grades
  • annual nation-wide professional seminars
  • beginning in 2000, professional half day seminars, four times per year, dealing with current problem

A-Consult plus Pty. Ltd. is one of the largest expert and appraisal offices in the Czech Republic, and it was on their initiative that the Union of Professional Property Appraisers was established in 1996.

b) The service organisation, Bank Institute a.s., is responsible for the certification of physical and legal entities, and for their further education. The Bank Institute is a joint stock company, established by banks not only to train bank employees, but also those who undertake other services for them, in this case property appraisers.
The Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers also operates an internet server which is regurlarly updated, and where members can find the most up to date information.
Please list on a separate sheet any other services that the association provides for its members

Zbynĕk Smejkal
The Czech Association of Certified Property Appraisers

23 February 2000

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