23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Report for the 23rd General Assembly

FIG Working Week in Prague, 22-26 May 2000

Commission 5: Positioning and Measurement

The activities of Commission 5 from from 15 May 1999 to 14 May 2000 are the following:

  • Permanently updating the Commission homepage on Internet with the following address: http://www.lm.se/fig5. The homepage presents e.g. Commission 5, the activities of the different working groups and future related meetings to Commission 5.
  • Creation and distribution of the second number of FIG Commission 5 Newsletter. In this Newsletter the following subject were presented:
    • Report from the seminar Geodesy and Surveying in the Future - The importance of heights by Michel Kasser and Jean-Marie Becker. The seminar was held in Gävle, Sweden in March, 1999.
    • A report from Working Group 5.4 (Integration of techniques for Digital Mapping) by Nicolas Paparoditis.
    • A report from FIG Working Week 1999 in Sun City by Mikael Lilje and Matt Higgins.
    • A report from Working Group 5.3 (Kinematic and integrated positioning) including a report from The 2nd International workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology held in Bangkok in April 1999. The report was written by Naser El- Sheimy and Michael Chapman.
    • Forthcoming events where Commission 5 will participate.
  • The third issue of the Newsletter is to be distributed before FIG Working Week in Prague.
  • Commission 5 continues to be active within ISO standardisation works. Jean-Marie Becker has been nominated FIG Liaison for ISO and FIG Commission 5 has been involved in especially ISO TC172 (Optics and Optical Instruments.
  • Working Group meeting of WG-5.1 in Munich in August, 1999.
  • Jean-Marie Becker together with Matt Higgins, Nicolas Paparoditis and Michel Kasser had a one-day meeting in Paris discussing the work and progress of the commission with focus on WG-5.2 and WG-5.4.
  • Several meetings between officials within Commission 5 during the autumn/winter. These meetings were held to discuss the forthcoming work of the commission. Especially meetings within WG-5.2, WG-5.4 and WG-5.5 can be mentioned.
  • Organising and contributing to the International Course on Engineering Surveying in Munich 13-17 March, 2000. This work is mainly done through WG-5.1 and Hansbert Heister and his collaborators.
  • Jean-Marie Becker and Mikael Lilje represented FIG Commission 5 at the 9th International Symposium on Deformation Measurement in Olsztyn, September 1999.
  • The Steering Committee (SC5) of the Commission had a meeting in Sun City during the FIG Working Week.
  • Preparation of the activities for the FIG Working Week in Prague. Responsible for FIG Commission 5 technical program is Jean-Marie Becker. He his also co-ordinator of the program for the sessions including FIG Commissions 4 and 6.
  • Organisation of the technical program for the seminar Mediterranean Surveyor in the New Millennium to be held on Malta 18-21 September, 2000. This is a co-organised seminar for several FIG Commissions and FIG Commission 5 is responsible of the technical program.
  • Organisation of the seminar 3rd International Work Shop on Mobile Mapping to be held in Cairo in the beginning of 2001.
  • Participating at the ACCO Meeting in Copenhagen in January as well as the unofficial meeting at Geodätentag in Hanover.

The second year of the commission has been an intense period and the working groups have done a great job. We are all well prepared for the last two years with a lot of interesting and hard work to be done.

Jean-Marie Becker together with Matt Higgins, Nicolas Paparoditis and Michel Kasser had a one- day meeting in Paris discussing the work and progress of the commission with focus on WG-5.2 and WG-5.4.
From left to right: Matt Higgins, Jean-Marie Becker, Nicolas Paparoditis and Michel Kasser.










Jean-Marie Becker
Chair, FIG Commission 5, Positioning and Measurement

29 February 2000

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