23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Report for the 23rd General Assembly

FIG Working Week in Prague, 22-26 May 2000

Report on the Co-operation between FIG and International Organisations

Co-operation with the United Nations and its organisations

The Director, FIG/UN Liaison has included in his report main activities that FIG has had with the UN and its different agencies during the past year. As addition to his report the discussions of further co-operation are documented in the FIG publication no 22 Co-operation between FIG and the UN agencies 2000-2003.

Among these activities there are proposals for memoranda of understanding with UN regional organisations like the Economic Commission for Africa ECA. Also many FIG Commissions are active in their co-operation with UN. Especially Commission 7 and 3 should be mentioned. At the moment Commission 7 is preparing an English version of the Thesaurus on Land Tenure together with FAO while Commission 3 WG 3.3 is working with the Best Practices for 'Spatial information and knowledge management for decision support in Urban Management' to be included in the UNCHS(Habitat) database.

FIG is also a member of the Habitat Professionals Forum that was established in 1999 during the 17th Session of the UNCHS Committee. The Director, FIG office was elected to the Steering Committee at the first Forum meeting in Nairobi in May 1999. The aim of this Forum is to collect professionals together and to increase co-operation between different professions to implement the Habitat Agenda. At the latest Steering Committee meeting in March 2000 the Forum decided to participate into the preparatory meetings of the UN General Assembly Special Meeting Istanbul + 5. As part of these preparations FIG is invited to represent the Forum at the First Substantive Session of the Preparatory Committee for the Special Session of the General Assembly on the over all review and appraisal of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda (called Istanbul+5) in Nairobi, May 2000 and further to the 2nd Substantive Session in Nairobi February 2001. The Forum is looking forward to organise also a special seminar during the Istanbul+5 in New York in summer 2001.

The Habitat Professionals Forum has at the moment half a dozen international organisations and institutions as its members. Out of these the International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP), International Society of City and Regional Planners (IsoCaRP) and the International Union of Architects (UIA) have shown interest to strengthen contacts with FIG and its commissions.

Further FIG is invited to make a report as a member of the Forum at a special dialogue during the Global Conference Urban 21 in Berlin in July 2000. FIG will also be represented at the International Conference on the Future and Development of Rural Areas Rural 21 in Potsdam, Germany in June 2000.

FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation)

President Peter Dale attended the FIABCI World Congress in Seville, Spain in May 1999. This visit resulted with new ideas on strengthening the contacts between FIABCI and FIG. The US Bureau has agreed to continue this co-operation and therefore Vice President Tom Kennie, Michael Yovino Young and the Director, FIG office will meet the council members of FIABCI during the FIABCI World Congress in London just after the FIG Working Week in Prague.

ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council)

After signing of the memorandum of understanding between FIG and ICEC at the opening ceremony of the working week in Sun City the co-operation between the two organisations has been taken care mainly by the ad hoc Commission on Construction Economics and Management. These activities include a full-day seminar by both organisations during the working week in Prague 25 May 2000 followed by the ICEC Region III Meeting on the following Saturday.

Co-operation with Surveying Associations

After the International Union for Surveys and Mapping IUSM was disbanded in August 1999 FIG has looked forward to establish bilateral agreements of co-operation with the former member associations of IUSM but has also identified other organisations that FIG should have bilateral agreements.

To identify the fields of common interests the Bureau has asked the Commissions to list the organisations and fields of interest that they want FIG to have formal agreements. ACCO and the Bureau will discuss these proposals at their next meeting in Prague and after that the Bureau will proceed to the formal agreements with the organisations selected.

Co-operation at regional level

In June 1999 Jes Ryttersgaard, Chair of Commission 3 represented FIG at the first meeting of the Committee on Development Information (CODI) in Addis Ababa. The sub-committee on geo-information expressed interest in co-operation with FIG, ISPRS and ICA. At the end of the meeting the sub-committee came up with five resolutions among them one on capacity building. This resolution recommended FIG, ICA, ISPRS and ECA in co-operation to hold two seminars/workshops in 2000-2001, one in anglophone and one in Francophone Africa.

In October 1999 Robin McLaren (chair of WG 3.3) represented FIG at a Regional workshop on "Land Survey & Large-Scale Mapping in Support of Settlement Planning, Land Development and Management" in Nairobi at the United Nations Offices, hosted by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlement (Habitat) and the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD).

In October 1999 John Leonard represented FIG at the General Assembly of the Council European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) in Vienna and the Director, FIG Office will attend the CLGE Council meeting in Copenhagen at the end of April 2000. The Bureau is also looking for to strengthen contacts to other regional surveying groups.

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22 March 2000

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