23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Report for the 23rd General Assembly

FIG Working Week in Prague, 22-26 May 2000

Permanent Institution

International Office of Cadastre and Land Records (OICRF)


As usual OICRF carried out its activities in all three areas of its tasks, namely:

  • to collect and systematically file and index all documentation material relating to existing cadastres and land registration systems;
  • to make comparative studies of that material, followed by publication of the results;
  • to give information and advice on all cadastres and land registration systems to all interested persons and institutions, whether for the purpose of study or to help countries wishing either to introduce a cadastre or a land registration system or to improve the existing system.
The Collection

After the introduction and presentation of the renewed Internet-site OICRF spent most of its time and efforts to the consolidation of the presented services.

Also in 1999 OICRF continued on bringing the most important part of the collection digitally into the database. This concerns the documents which OICRF expects to be asked for and consulted mostly.

The growth of the collection is satisfactorily. Magazines’ articles, dissertations and other books are still useful input for the OICRF collection. Since OICRF brings in the new documents digitally anyway, it has the most recent publications always digitally available for its users.

OICRF reports that from the standing collection up to now more than 3000 publications have been brought digitally into the database.

In 1999 research has started in order to generate an overview of cadastres and public registers all over the world. OICRF intends to get an overview per country of the existence of cadastre and public registers, its actual position and status, its authorities and tasks et cetera. This is useful for for example comparative studies. Besides it enables OICRF to give better advises on land registration topics, so such a document makes increase the value of OICRF’s collection. It is planned to publish this study in 2000.

Information and advice

Bringing publications digitally into the database is an activity which has been given much priority in 1999. By doing this OICRF is able to provide the most important part of the desired publications via the Internet within hours. Trying to offer quick services is part of OICRF’s duties.

Just in order to improve this service, OICRF in 1999 started to make its website more user-friendly. Although it is a site being visited many times (at least 6000 times this year) and although many digital orders are received, nevertheless some arrangements will be made just to comfort the visitor. It is planned to improve the search windows so that the visitor will get a more fast and more concrete result. Besides OICRF wants to insert a special page with links to other interesting websites in the field of land registration. All this is being built at the moment.

Furthermore also this year OICRF presented itself as a host, by receiving delegations from abroad. Thus was it in the opportunity to promote its activities and tasks, as well as its international reputation. OICRF was even invited to lecture at academy.

Comparative studies

Last year OICRF published several (comparative) studies:

  • User demands and the application of new technology, Bonn, March 1999, UN/ECE MOLA
  • IT re-engineering and legislation with a focus on automated registration of deeds, FIG GA, Sun City, June 1999
  • Automated Registration of deeds, HM Land Registry, London Gatwick, June 1999
  • Land Tenure and Land Administration for Social and Economic Development in (Western) Europe, UN/FIG, Melbourne, October 1999.
Final Remark

OICRF makes as always every effort to offer best and quick services to anyone who requests for information, not at least to the members of FIG and the professional public. In other words: OICRF is ready the perform its tasks at the level required by an ever improving profession.

Once more all this was possible by the generous support of our host, the Dutch National Agency for the Cadastre and the Public Registers.

Prof. Ir. Paul van der Molen
President, OICRF

Alexander Maljaars LLM
Secretary-General, OICRF

1 March 2000

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