23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Report for the 23rd General Assembly

FIG Working Week in Prague, 22-26 May 2000

Task Force on Sustainable Development

It was decided at the FIG Congress in 1998 to form at Task Force to prepare a FIG statement on how the organisation will implement the concept of sustainable development.

The proposed title of the statement is "FIG Agenda 21", referring to the report from the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (Agenda 21). The statement should however not be limited to reflecting Agenda 21. It should as well, inter alia, reflect the outcome of the UN Habitat II Conference in 1996 (the Habitat Agenda with its Global Plan of Action), the agreement between FIG and UNCHS, the Bogor and Bathurst Declarations, and the existing FIG statement from 1991 on sustainable development.

Dealing with surveying, planning and management of land and water resources, laws and systems that is needed for access to land and security of tenure, and with geographic information in all it's aspects, the profession of surveyors are deeply involved in issues of profound importance for sustainable development. The way surveyors are trained and act can have a significant impact on the implementation of sustainable development. The aim of the Statement is to show that the International Federation of Surveyors is committed to do it's outmost to develop the surveying profession and the individual surveyor to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Further to this, that FIG is committed to collaborate with all relevant agencies of the United Nations and with other non-governmental organisations in developing a mutual understanding of how surveying in all it's aspects, as well as related techniques, products and services, best can contribute to the implementation of Agenda 21 world-wide.

A full draft will be ready for the FIG working week in 2000, to be finally adopted at the FIG working week in 2001. It is anticipated that the work mainly will be undertaken by correspondence and email.

The Task Force was constituted with the following members:

  • Markku Villikka, Finland, chairman
  • Karin Haldrup, Denmark, Commission 3
  • Helmut Brackmann, Germany, Commission 8
  • Paul van der Molen, Netherlands, Commission 7
  • Mike Yovino Young, USA, Commission 9
  • Peter Byrne, Australia
  • Ian Williamson, Australia
  • Jerry Ives, USA

When Markku Villikka later was appointed to Director of the FIG office, Helge Onsrud, Norway, was asked to substitute him as task force leader, taking up the position late 1998.

At a meeting between FIG and CIB in London in April 1999, CIB was invited to appoint two corresponding members to the task force, however no names are yet received (March 2000) 1999).

Helge Onsrud
Chair, FIG Task Force on Sustainable Development

13 March 2000

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