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FIG President Diane Dumashie attends the Belgium Surveyors Celebration of the Belgium Parliament Vote

Brussels, Belgium 7 March 2023

President, Jean-Yves Pirlot, Belgian Union of Surveyors (UBGE), invited FIG President Diane Dumashie  to celebrate the Belgian Parliament vote to create the Legal Belgian Chamber of Property Surveyors.

This is a historic moment that will after due processes create a full-fledged chamber of property surveyors, called Ordre des Géomètres-Experts. This ultimately will ensure that Belgian property Surveyors are fully recognised in the statute books.

From left to right: J Derwael, D Dumashie, M Vandershueren

Several FIG members celebrated the event, here  J Pirlot,  J Derwael, M Vanderschuren

This is the result of decades of work for both the three national associations and the civil service, working in partnership.   Involving consultation across a wide stakeholder community, then drafting the required text for the parliamentary vote and associated bureaucratic processes. The next step is to draft the detailed text of the Royal Decrees which will need to pass through subsequent levels of the Belgian government.

Once the appropriate Decrees are ultimately signed this will ratify the establishment of the Belgian Chamber of Property Surveyors (in Flemish: Orde van Landmeters-Experten/ French: Ordre des Géomètres-Experts/ German: Kammer der Landmesser Gutachter) and matters will be complete.

To celebrate this milestone moment, a banquet was organised at the Club Prince Albert, Brussels.  Attended by 60 surveyors from all of the Belgium national associations with professionals drawn from all the regions together with guests from the wider European region.

The guest of honour, the Minister for Professions, David Clarinval, opened with congratulatory words, “I sincerely congratulate the involved professional associations for this achievement. It was not easy, it took us to much time but now that we have reached the goal, we have to make sure that the Ordre will become a powerful tool for better regulation. The Ordre must guarantee the high quality standards required for property surveying.

Followed by FIG President Dumashie who stated that “This moment is testament to the high regard that the surveying community is held in government and also across Belgium society.”

CLGE President Vladimir Krupa reinforced the importance of this event, and celebrated that one of CLGE’s member and a FIG member has achieved such an honoured status

Underlying the importance of our connected profession, President Dumashie was so pleased to meet Belgium surveyor members who are also FIG friends and colleagues. Their contribution is so very much valued not only at their country and regional level but also through FIG on a global level.

Foremost, President Jean-Yves Pirlot, who is congratulated on organising such a good event.  And in addition recognising others who are involved Marc Vanderschueren (President of FGF), Francis Gäbele and Jan De Graeve. Further it was such a pleasure to meet UBGE members formerly involved in FIG, in particular Jean Jacques Derwael (formerly Comm 5 pictured above) as well as Axel Annaert. Of course, this engagement is impossible without the steadfast support of the Belgian National Associations of Property Surveyors.

In recognition that the success of this major milestone comes about due to hard work and patience from many, our FIG community applauds you and gives heartfelt congratulations.



Diane A Dumashie
March 2023

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