History of Surveying and Measurement

Conferences and meetings

Once or twice a year there are conferences somewhere around the world where part of the programme is devoted to topics of an historical nature. For example, in 1998 at the FIG Congress in Brighton, UK a one day symposium on the historical topics was held at the nearby University of Brighton. This was accompanied by an exhibition.

The papers of the symposium were published as a separate set within the Congress.

In 1999 FIG held a Working Week in Sun City, S Africa at which the above exhibition was again displayed.

H.S. & M sessions are organised at most FIG Congresses and Working Weeks.

As far as meetings separate from FIG are concerned individual countries do from time to time have events that are relevant and cross society support is often sought for these.

Scientific Instrument Commission

This body, part of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science runs an annual conference. The current details can be found on the website of the Scientific Instrument Society (see below) or in its quarterly Bulletin.

Scientific Instrument Society

The Society is run from the United Kingdom, but has an international membership. It organises a regular programme of visits, trips and lectures advertised through the quarterly Bulletin.

From 7th Report Adirondack Survey. 1880. Courtesy W. G. Robillard.

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