Visit to National Land Survey, Finland

30 July 2012, Helsinki, Finland

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FIG President with Mr Markku Makulla (middle) and Ms Maija-Liisa Niskala (right) of National Land Surveys, Finland

The National Land Survey (NLS) of Finland, an Affiliate Member of FIG, is responsible for producing and providing to the citizens, industry and decision makers in Finland information on and services in real estate, topography and the environment. NLS is responsible for Finland’s cadastral system, national mapping and promotes the usefulness and use of geographic information. It is an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Ms Maija-Liisa Niskala and Mr. Markku Makulla, Deputy Director General of NLS met the FIG President who was accompanied by Markku Villikka, FIG Director, on arrival at NLS premises in Helsinki. Mr. Makulla briefed the visitors on the functions and responsibilities of the Agency. With the motto “Down to Earth”, NLS is striving to effectively and efficiently deliver products and services that are impartial and reliable, that builds an information rich society.

It was noteworthy for the visitors that the most frequently required services and products are maps and real estate services (that includes extracts from cadastral register, datasets from the land information system, consulting and notary services as well as clarifications on real estate matters). Maps of Finland are based on the Topographic Database that includes power lines, water areas, place names, address data, road data, barriers and number of storeys in buildings. This is in addition to the up-to-date information on terrain and built-up surroundings.

FIG President Teo took the opportunity to discuss with NLS on the possibility of NLS collaborating and contributing to advance the body of knowledge and practices for real estate products and services, in particular, inclusive and innovative real estate tools that also address the needs of the poor and the disadvantaged.

During the visit, FIG was informed and likes to congratulate Mr. Arvo Kokkonen on his selection as the next Director General of NLS effective 1st September 2012 with the retirement of the current Director General, Mr. Jarmo Ratia. FIG extends its best wishes to Mr. Ratia on his retirement from NLS as well as his further accomplishment since it is said, “a man cannot retire his experience”.

CheeHai Teo
FIG President
August 2012

26 September 2012