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Call for bids – are you interested in hosting FIG Working Week 2020

The 2016 Working Week will take place in Christchurch, New Zealand; 2017 Working Week in Helsinki, Finland;  the 2018 Congress in Istanbul, Turkey; and the 2019 Working Week in Hanoi, Vietnam. Should the 2020 Working Week take place in your country with you as the local host?   FIG invites all Member Associations to consider making a bid to host the FIG Working Week 2020 together with the Federation.

The FIG Working Week will be the major event in 2020 and therefore member associations are encouraged to consider their engagement. The Council has prepared bidding guidelines for the Working Week.

The bidding guidelines explain in detail the information that is required for a successful bid. Decision on the host of the Working Week will be made in Christchurch based on proposal from the Council and evaluation report prepared by the FIG Office.

The deadline for the bids for the Working Week 2020 is 30 November 2015.   Any association that is interested to host the FIG Working Week in 2020 is requested to email or call FIG Manager Louise Friis-Hansen, (tel. + 45 93910810) who will assist with any questions that you may have.

Louise Friis-Hansen
1 September 2015