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Submit your entry now for the Career Pathways Competition

- open to students, professionals, executives and the retired!

July 2019

Clarity on career pathways in our industry can be clear as mud at the best of times, and for many young people thinking about their future, as well as many of us who are already working in the industry, it’s not always apparent what options are available to us. To add to this, our industry is diverse in the depth and breadth of experiences and backgrounds that each one of us has - but this is not immediately apparent and can take quite a lot of digging beneath the surface to uncover.

To make inroads to changing this, we are extremely excited to announce the SEASC2019 Career Pathways Competition! We encourage you to apply, especially if you are a young-at-heart professional who would like to inspire students and young professionals to enter, stay in and improve our industry. You don't need to be attending the congress to submit an entry.

The Career Pathways Competition is open to people of all ages and in all countries. No matter if you are a primary school student or high school student inspired by a parent in the industry, an undergraduate or postgraduate student, someone who has entered the industry after working in another industry, someone who has been working in the industry for a short or a long time, or someone who is retired after a lifetime in the industry – we want to hear from you!


How did you end up in the spatial/surveying industry? To highlight the depth and breadth of people in our industry, we would love to hear about your personal journey to where you are right now. What steps have you taken to get here? What have been your biggest inspirations and motivators? What do you love about your job? From timelines of your studies and career to photos of your childhood and family, maps of your travels, and experiences in the context of entering the spatial profession, we’re interested in hearing what your journey is, no matter where you are.

How hard would it be for you to record a 3-minute video sharing your story? Or to create a digital poster or story map sharing where you’ve come from and where you hope to go?

Entries close on Friday 9 August 2019, 11:59PM ACST.


July 2019