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FIG Council and ACCO met in the FIG Office in Copenhagen

5-8 February 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen showed itself from a cold but sunny side during the meeting days when both council and the chairs of commissions, networks and task forces met.

First council meeting in this term of office

On 5-6 February the full FIG Council met in the FIG Office. FIG office does not often have the luxury to meet in person, and in many year this happens only once at the Working Weeks/Congress.Since it was their first face-to-face meeting most focus was on the cooperation and tasks for the coming term, expressed in the Council Work Plan that will be presented at the General Assembly 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

FIG Council:

President: Diane Dumashie, UK

Vice Presidents:

Mikael Lilje, Sweden (2017-2024)
Kwame Tenadu, Ghana (2021-2024)
Winnie Shiu, USA (2023-2026)
Daniel Steudler, Switzerland (2023-2026)

ACCO representative to Council:

Tim Burch, USA (2023-2024)

FIG Office:

Louise Friis-Hansen, FIG Director

ACCO meeting - 7-8 February 2023

ACCO stands for Advisory Committee of Commission Chairs and consists of all 10 commission chairs. Hereto, network and task force chairs often also attend ACCO meetings. As a kick-off of the 4-year term ACCO met in Copenhagen together with FIG President Diane Dumashie and the council representative to the commissions Mikael Lilje.

Meeting in Copenhagen in February 2023. From left: FIG President Diane Dumashie, Timothy Burch (comm 1), Dimo Todorovski (comm 2), Sagi Dalyot (comm 3), Eranda Malavige (comm 4), Ryan Keenan (comm 5), Werner Lienhart (comm 6), Rohan Bennett (comm 7), Peter Ache (comm 9), Mercy Iyortyer (comm 10), Muhammad Mamman Kabir (Africa Regional Network), Ferah Kökhsal (Young Surveyors Network), Paula Dijkstra (Task Force on FIG and the SDGs), Mikael Lilje (council representative to ACCO). Not present were Kwabena Asiama commission 8, Rob Sarib (Asia/Pacific Regional Network), David Martin (Standards Network).

Over the two days the commission chairs worked with their Work Plans which will be presented at the General Assembly and prepared for the technical programme for the FIG Working Week 2023 in May in Orlando. The first day was a one-day creative workshop on how to design inspiring sessions and meetings which also served as a day to get to know each other better.

Topics for the technical programme were discussed as well as the session planning. Around 450 abstracts have been submitted through the open call for papers, and they will be included in the technical programme. Some authors will be given a direct speaking slot, some sessions will be discussion sessions, a special "FIG Cinema" experience with presentations will be a new feature and there will be other activities, too.

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