FIG Internal Task Forces

Task Force on FIG Governance Structure

Terms of reference 

The Task Force was established by the FIG Council in January 2005.

The Task Force shall conduct a review of the FIG Statutes and Internal Rules. In particular the Task Force will:

  • review the Commission structure
  • review the term of office of Commission Chairs
  • review the election procedures including the role of the Nomination Review Group and the Commission Review Group
  • review the Statutes and Internal Rules for inconsistencies and redundancies regarding the new governance structure subsequent to 2006.

Task Force members


The Task force shall hold an open forum at each General Assembly in 2005 and 2006 in order to receive feedback from FIG member associations and commission officers on issues relevant to the Statutes and Internal Rules.

The Task Force shall complete its review and submit its recommendations to Council by the end of December, 2006 so that any amendments to the Statutes and Internal Rules may be submitted to the General Assembly in 2007 for ratification.


G. K. (Ken) Allred, ALS, CLS
34 Glenhaven Crescent
St. Albert, Alberta
Tel. + 1 780 460 2224

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