FIG President Stig Enemark visits the Croatian Geodetic Society at the 15th biannual meeting

Rovinj, Croatia, 22-25 May 2008

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Rovinj, the old city centre.

FIG President Stig Enemark visited the Croatian Geodetic Society at the 15th biannual meeting of Croatian surveyors in Rovijn, 22-25 May 2008.

The Croatian Geodetic Society is the umbrella organisation for all surveyors and geodesists in Croatia with more than 1,500 members. It has been a member of FIG since 1996.

The visit was hosted by the President Petar Nikolic and Prof. Damir Medak and provided a great opportunity to experience the spirit of the Croatian surveyors as well as the Croatian culture and the beautiful ancient town environment of Rovijn.

President Enemark gave the key note address at the meeting entitled “The Land Management Challenge: The Role of the Surveyors in Support of the Global Agenda”. The presentation explained about the need for – next to the geodetic and technical disciplines of surveying – also to include the areas of land tenure, land value, land use, and land development as key areas of expertise for the surveying profession. This also relates to the responsibilities of the surveying profession towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The presentation was very well received and was followed by a small ceremony where President Nikolic presented an award to Presidnet Enemark showing the appreciation of the Croatian Geodetic Society for the inspiration and development provided by FIG.

The meeting was attended by around 900 delegates that are almost two thirds of all members. This is very impressive and shows the spirit of the Croatian surveying society that is very encouraging.

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Prof. Damir Medak, President Stig Enemark, and President Petar Nikolic.

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City centre of Zagreb, the metropolitan of Croatia.