FIG Vice President Paul van der Molen visits Tanzanian Institution

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 11 August 2008

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Paul van der Molen (left), Simon Ndyetabula (middle), and Nassor Duduma (right).

Monday 11th August FIG Vice President Paul van der Molen visited the President and Secretary General of the Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania, Prof. Simon Ndyetabula and Mr. Nassor Duduma, in Dar es Salaam. FIG was informed about priority issues of the Tanzanian colleagues, while the Institution was informed about new FIG policies. Substantial attention was given to the ethical standards of the profession in Tanzania, where the Institution acts as an advisor to the Government's National Council of Professional Surveyors. The Council issues and maintains the licenses of the private surveyors. It appears that the Institution aims at keeping high ethical standards, to guarantee trust of the Tanzanian people in the surveying profession. The Institution is active in promoting the profession in the Tanzanian society while at the same time promoting professional advancement through seminars and courses. Aspects of regional cooperation also came at stake, where the role of FIG and CASLE to which the Institution is associated was highlighted. The Institution has about 350 professional surveyors in three different categories.

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Paul van der Molen and Simon Ndyetabula.