Modern Cadastres and
Cadastral Innovations

Proceedings of the One Day Seminar
held during the
Annual Meeting of Commission 7,
Cadastre and Rural Land Management,
of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)

May 16, 1995

Delft, The Netherlands


The 1995 annual meeting of Commission 7 of FIG took place in Delft, The Netherlands from 15-19 May. A one day seminar titled "Modern Cadastres and Cadastral Innovations" was held at the Faculty of Geodesy, TU Delft on May 16. This seminar was organised by the working group 7.1 of the Commission. It focused on characteristics of existing cadastral systems and served at the same time as a platform for the working group 7.1 whose task is to examine trends in this field and to produce a vision for where cadastral systems will be in 20 years.

The proceedings summarise the content of the presentations. The first results of the questionnaire together with the statements will give the guidelines for the working group for its future work.

We would like to express our thankfulness to the renowned speakers who contributed with their commitment to the quality of the seminar.

During lunch break, on-line modem connections to four cadastral registration systems (Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden) were shown. A special thank is due to Mr. Jan van Dijk for the technical assistance of these connections.

We also would like to extend our most special thank to Mr. Jan Sonnenberg, who was responsible for the perfect technical organisation of the seminar.

Bern, 31 July 1995

Jürg Kaufmann
Chairman of Working Group 7.1
Daniel Steudler (editor)
Secretary of Working Group 7.1

Program of the Seminar

Welcome - prof. dr. ir. Theo Bogaerts, The Netherlands

Appropriate Cadastral Systems - Prof. Dr. Ian P. Williamson, Australia

Basic Principles of the Main Cadastral Systems in the World - prof. mr. ir. Jo Henssen, The Netherlands

Grundbuch and Cadastral Systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Dr.-Ing. Winfried Hawerk, Germany

Spatial Information Infrastructure - Prof. Don M. Grant, Australia

Cadastral Reform in New Zealand - W.A. (Bill) Robertson, New Zealand

The Cadastral System in Sweden - Agneta Ericsson, Sweden

Napoleonic Systems in The Netherlands, Belgium and France - ir. Paul van der Molen, The Netherlands

Trends arising of Questionnaire of Working Group 7.1 - Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Steudler, Switzerland

Statements on the "Vision Cadastre 2014" - Dipl.-Ing. Jürg Kaufmann, Switzerland

Panel Discussion with all Speakers - Chairman: prof. mr. ir. Jo Henssen, The Netherlands

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