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FIG General Assembly 2022

We are facing a very exciting General Assembly in 2022. It is a congress year, and this means that the General Assembly will elect a new President for the coming four years and two new vice presidents. Commission Chairs elects were elected last year. Their appointment to Chair also needs a formal approval by the General Assembly.

It is the first time that the candidates for the election are published so early. Normally, this has happened with the publication of the General Assembly agenda. Promotion for the candidates have previously taken place at the Congress itself.

Last year the General Assembly was held online. This had both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was that many members were able to attend. The travel situation looks much better this year. Yet, FIG Council has decided to hold one of the General Assembly sessions online to make it possible for many members to be represented.

General Assembly Sessions

FIG Council are planning three sessions:

1. Online session on Sunday 4 September – time to be confirmed

This session is taking place one week before the Congress in Warsaw and will include general agenda items such as the Presidents report, commission reports, financial report, new members etc. An online voting will start after the session to have these agenda items adopted.

2. “Get to know your candidates” – 11 September 2022 13:00 - 15:30 (CEST) at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Warsaw, Poland

A Q&A session in which the President and Vice President candidates are presented.

The elections for the two Vice Presidents will start immediately after the second General Assembly session. The election for President will start on Tuesday 13 September 2022. All member associations eligible to vote will appoint an official delegate and the voting will, like last year, be held online.There will be quite many rounds of voting. This means that the appointed member representative will receive several emails with links to cast their vote.

This session will  be broadcast and recording will be available afterwards.

The opening ceremony followed by the Welcome reception will be held immediately after the General Assembly session.

3. Wrap-up session – 15 September 2022 10:00-13:00 (CEST), at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Warsaw, Poland

In this session the results of the elections will be revealed, and there will be reports from the Congress week and on what to expect for the coming FIG events.
This session will  be broadcast and recording will be available afterwards.

Get to know the candidates

As mentioned earlier this is the first time that FIG Council has published the candidates so early, and voting campaigns seem to have already started. In normal years, most of the campaigning will take place during the Congress. This is however not possible for the Vice Presidents since the voting already starts right after the session with the presentation of the candidates.
The President candidates will have a few days for on-site campaigning until the voting starts.

In total there are 7 candidates – 3 President and 4 Vice President candidates.

FIG Council has allowed each of the candidate to have two campaign-emails sent out; one in the beginning of June and one in August to all Presidents and FIG representatives of member associations.

Please see here the nomination forms, supporting letter and read also the promotion email from each candidate:
Candidates for President for the term 2023-2026

GIM magazine has published an article with questions to the three candidates. Please read the editorial and also the article in the GIM International Issue 4 2022

Candidates for two Vice Presidents 2023-2026

The full General Assembly agenda will be published in July.

Do we meet at FIG Congress 2022?

Do not miss this opportunity to meet your international colleagues, and to meet new peers and friends – finally again after three years of screen presence.

Register now for the FIG Congress at

On-site registration gives access to the full conference experience with all sessions, networking opportunities, exhibition and experiencing Warsaw and Poland.
On-line registration gives access to live broadcast of the General Assembly session 2 and 3, keynote sessions and a selection of technical sessions. Abstracts and papers from online participants will be included in the technical programme and proceedings and connected to a session. It will not be possible to present online.


Louise Friis-Hansen
31 May 2022, amended 7 July 2022